About Us

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2 Million Square Meters

5600 Cadres And Employees

22 High-speed Production Lines

About Us

Qingdao Vamou Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier and exporter of adult diapers, baby diapers, and pads in China.As a professional supplier in China, we focus on excellent quality, professional services and the competitive price in the global Market. Through our commitment to the structured and efficient manage all products we exported, a high level of customer service, as well as a continued focus on "Uban" brand promotion. We always endeavors to further improve product quality in order to better user's life standard. Our products have wide varieties, complete specifications, novelty style, reliable quality. We have been exporting to many countries, such as Italy, United States, U.A.E. Ecuador, Norway, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Africa, Nigeria. Our company has passed ISO13485:2016 quality system certifications. Most of our products also have been certificated by CE European. We supply clients with OEM or ODM or OBM. We have a strong supply chain advantage, supported by more than a dozen stable factories with a certain scale, a professional new product R&D team and laboratory, and maintain long-term cooperation and development with us. All importers, wholesalers and agents are welcome to get in touch with us to carry out lasting cooperation and develop the local market!

Energy saving and environmental protection

Qingdao Vamou Medical Technology Co., Ltd. adopts the international first-class high-tech energy-saving equipment, achieves the clean production, scientific layout and resource conservation, it uses non-chlorine wood pulp imported from North and South America as raw material to establish a green supply chain and protect the ecology. It takes the lead in realizing "low-carbon" operation in the same industry in China.  The company has formed roll paper, facial tissue, handkerchief paper, box tissue, wipe toilet paper, diaper, sanitary towel, wipes and other series of more than 200 products, it implements a high-level diversified development strategy and occupies the market of household paper and sanitary products in an all-round, three-dimensional and strategic manner.


Group covers an area of 2 million square meters, 1.2 million square meters of plant, with more than 5600 cadres and employees. The company has introduced 22 international first-class high-speed production lines, including 16 Chuanzhijiang BF papermaking production lines, 4 Metso Crescent high-speed paper machine production lines, and 2 multi-function (hand-wiping) paper machine production lines, 4 Italian  diaper production lines, 26 high-end sanitary pad production lines, more than 120 automatic post-processing lines, has realized the internationalization of production, processing and packaging equipment.