Chicken Chunks

Chicken Chunks

Short Description:

Appetite regulation: Selected high-quality chicken breast, delicious meat, good palatability, help to regulate the dog’s appetite.


Strong bones: Contains calcium and phosphorus, which are beneficial to enhance physical strength and strengthen bones.


Healthy Teeth Weight Loss: Low fat, low water content, chewable, helps to strengthen teeth and maintain posture.


Healthy skin and bright hair: Contains high-quality protein, which is beneficial to skin health and glossy coat.

Product Detail

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Reduce odor:
With the natural ingredient green tea extract, it is beneficial to reduce the odor of dog excrement.
Moisturize and brighten hair:
Add lecithin, which is beneficial for your dog’s fur to be more shiny.
Take care of your gut:
Adding oligosaccharides (bifidogenic factor) is beneficial to improve the digestive function of the dog’s gastrointestinal system.
Appetite regulation:
The combination of high-quality chicken breast and deodorant biscuits is rich in nutrition and good palatability, which helps to regulate the dog’s appetite.

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