Chicken & Duck Sushi

Chicken & Duck Sushi

Short Description:

Digestion and stomach:High-quality chicken and duck meat is easy to digest and absorb, which is beneficial to the gastrointestinal health of dogs.


Appetite regulation: Selected high-quality raw materials, fresh and thick, good palatability, help to regulate the dog’s appetite.


Strong bones: Contains high-quality protein and calcium, which are beneficial to enhance physical strength and strengthen bones.


High protein and low fat: High-quality chicken and duck meat, high in protein, is good for enhancing pet immunity; low in fat, helping to avoid pet obesity.

Product Detail

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•Strong bones:

The scientific ratio of calcium to phosphorus helps to maintain strong bones in adult dogs.

• Easy to Digest:

High-quality animal protein, good for digestive health and appetite regulation.

• Good palatability:

High meat content, good palatability.

• Balanced nutrition:

A variety of vitamins and minerals to meet your dog’s daily healthy nutritional needs.

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