Different Shapes Of Meat Products

Different Shapes Of Meat Products

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Jerky snacks can be used not only as a reward for “rejoice” during dog training, but also as food for grinding and cleaning teeth. After all, dogs can’t eat only one food in their entire life. More choices will not only satisfy their mouths , and enrich their lives. But we don’t have to distribute treats to dogs every day, treats should still be used as a reward.

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The nutrition of snacks mainly comes from meat with high protein content. First of all, we must choose snacks made from high-quality ingredients, generally duck, chicken, beef, mutton, etc.

Using advanced low-temperature and low-pressure drying technology, the moisture content of meat varies with product requirements. The drier the meat, the longer the shelf life is. It also ensures that more nutrients are retained; at the same time, the drier the meat, the stronger the bite resistance, which is consistent with The need for dogs to chew and bite.

Dogs grow rapidly in size and weight from small to large, and the amount of jerky snacks they feed is also different: In addition, jerky is best mainly dry, with a relatively high water content, and the weight of a single piece is too small, so swallow it directly The lack of chewing process can satisfy appetite, but the effect of cleaning teeth and gums is not fully reflected. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase jerky consciously to increase the chewing time of the teeth on the jerky, and the dog's teeth are cleaned. The longer it takes.

Of course, the effect of jerky snacks is not only reflected in the elimination of oral odor and maintenance of oral hygiene, but also as a daily reward and encouragement.

The natural aroma of jerky can strongly stimulate the dog to eat and wipe out the loss of appetite; when strengthening dog training and memory of certain actions and requirements, jerky snacks can also play a part in "inducing" The role of habit; long-term wet food, canned food and pet staple food. At the same time, put in a little dried meat snacks, which is more conducive to chewing and teeth protection.

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