Environmentally friendly and healthy pet urine pad

Environmentally friendly and healthy pet urine pad

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Just like human diapers, pet urinals are disposable hygiene products designed for your dog or cat. They absorb water safely and are designed to stay dry for a long time. Generally speaking, pet urinal mat contains advanced antibacterial agent, can deodorize for a long time and eliminate peculiar smell, keep the family clean and hygienic, the special aromatic agent used can help pets develop a good “fixed point” defecation habit. Pet pads can improve your quality of life and save you a lot of valuable time each day dealing with pet waste.

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what are the characteristics of pet urinal pad?

Generally speaking, pet urinals have the following characteristics:

1. The surface layer is made of high-quality non-woven fabric, which can be quickly permeated and absorbed.

2. The inside is wood pulp and polymer, polymer has a good absorption capacity, wood pulp to firmly lock the internal water.

3. Pet urinals are generally made of high-quality PE waterproof film, which is relatively strong and not easy to be scratched by dogs.

when do you need to use the pet pad?

1. Take your dog out, especially in a car, but also in a crate, car, or hotel room.

2. Use it at home to save the hassle of dealing with pet waste.

3. Helps pet dogs learn to defecate regularly. If you want a puppy to learn to urinate          regularly, you can put a pet diaper on the kennel, and then spray the diaper with a defecation      training agent to facilitate adaptation to the new environment.

4. It is used when female dogs are giving birth.

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