10 basic things to pay attention to when using adult diapers

For children, bedridden care for the elderly is simply a big problem.

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What problems do you encounter when using diapers? Is it leaking urine, dampness or allergies? Come and see if these 10 questions helped you!

01. Is there a distinction between men and women in adult diapers?

Axule adult diapers are suitable for men and women. Both men and women elders, only need to choose according to the size of the waist and hips.

02. Do you also need to pay attention to the shelf life when using diapers?

The shelf life of diapers is generally 3 years, and it can be used up before the shelf life. Consumables such as diapers are used very quickly.

03. How to choose the size of diapers at the beginning?

Each elderly person is different in weight and weight, and children should be adjusted in time according to the physical condition of the elderly. At the beginning, you can refer to the size chart of the product or buy a single package to try it out. Many elderly people are sick in bed, and their weight is prone to change. After 3-6 months, they can continue to choose the appropriate size according to their body fat and thin.

04. What skills do you have when changing diapers?

Turn the patient over to bed on the side, and the folded diapers are passed from the front of the patient under the crotch, those without a waist veneer are on the abdomen, and those with a waist veneer are on the buttocks. Check whether the waist stickers on both sides are properly attached, and pull out the elastic frills of the leg pants to prevent urine leakage.

05. Do you need to wear diapers 24 hours a day?

Instead of wearing it 24 hours a day, you can wear loose cotton clothing to give your skin time to breathe between bowel movements. Just change your used diapers on time.

06. How to judge the time to change diapers?

Check regularly according to the daily urination pattern. You can check it again during your lunch break or before going to bed at night. Aishule adult diapers have a urine display design, which makes it easy to see if they need to be changed.

07. If the diaper is not completely wet, can it still be worn?

Try to replace it every 3 hours. Urine bacteria that remain on diapers can irritate the skin. The skin of the elderly is particularly fragile, and prolonged contact can make the skin more sensitive. It is important to replace on time.

08. How to keep the buttocks of the elderly dry?

Each diaper should not be used for too long. When changing diapers, wash the genitals and buttocks of the elderly with warm water, and apply buttock cream appropriately.

09. What should I do if the welt hurts the old man’s leg?

Avoid letting the elderly scratch the bruised area. Check to see if the folds at the waist and legs are pulled out and fit the body. Check whether this type of diaper is too small for the elderly, and apply medicine appropriately.

10. What should I do if the elderly are allergic to diapers?

The skin of the elderly is easily irritated and belongs to sensitive skin. Children should do cleaning work for the elderly and apply allergy-specific drugs. Pay attention to the breathability of the skin and change the diaper on time. The Aishule diaper is made of soft non-woven fabric, which is skin-friendly and non-irritating, and the quality and safety are guaranteed.

Post time: Jun-09-2022