How to choose a reliable diaper

Diapers are popular and loved by mothers because of their flexibility, convenience, comfort and ease of wearing. Not only babies, but adult diapers are also very popular. Because it is comfortable to wear, move freely and so on. So how to choose a reliable diaper, today I will give you a popular science.

1. Select the surface layer

The surface layer must bear the brunt, because this is the direct contact surface of the skin, and the softness and comfort of the surface layer directly affect the wearing experience. A good surface layer is soft and anti-allergic. The new surface layer has a 3D pearl pattern surface layer, which is mostly used in baby diapers and face towels, because it is soft and skin-friendly, reducing skin friction, and this material, It can effectively reduce the contact area of the skin and is extremely friendly to sensitive skin. Not only that, but now, there are also adult diapers who boldly choose the 3D pearl pattern surface layer at all costs, just to bring a better experience.

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2. Core selection

Many people don’t notice this detail, but this is also the most important part of diapers. The quality of the core directly determines the amount of absorption, the speed of absorption, and the efficiency of “whitening” and so on. After such a long period of development, baby diapers already have a very thin and mature technological core. At this stage, good baby diapers mostly use a 5-layer structure technology core, which has excellent diversion and diversion capabilities. After the urine can be quickly absorbed and penetrated, it will diffuse down, and the absorption will be more uniform, so that it will not agglomerate into lumps; The excellent composite core can quickly “return white”, that is, urine can quickly penetrate into the core through the surface layer, and the surface layer can be dried very quickly, not damp or stuffy, more comfortable to wear for a long time, bid farewell to the previous “sticky” sense. Therefore, when choosing pull-up pants, remember to look at the core to make them more comfortable to wear.

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3. Select “Waist”

Small parts that seem to be indistinguishable are actually “worldly different”. The reason why “waist circumference” is so important is the same as choosing underwear. If you wear it too tight for a long time, you will inevitably panic, and if it is too loose, you will be worried that it will fall off when you walk and run. For diapers, I am even more worried that the package is not good, and if it is too loose, it will leak urine.

4. To “sterilize”

Many diapers on the market have already taken this function into account. Only diapers with professional sterilization factors can effectively remove odor, and there is no pressure in close social interaction; long-term antibacterial, long-term wear is not allergic.

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In addition, what everyone cares about must be “leak-proof”. After all, isn’t wearing diapers just to relieve emergencies? The leak-proof technology of major brands is relatively mature after upgrading and iteration, and there is not much difference between each model.

However, the latest technology has been upgraded to double-layer leak-proof technology. The principle is to add an extra layer of protection through the addition of leak-proof partitions, that is, “double-layer leak-proof partitions”, double protection and more peace of mind. The guard at the thigh is also effective to prevent side leakage. The “three-dimensional guard” can intercept moisture and form a certain independent space to dissipate heat.

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A lot of wearing diapers is for simple and convenient use when going out. Therefore, “portability” is also a plus. If there is a separate package, such as a sanitary napkin, it is best. It is small and easy to store. Taking it away in the middle, it is more secretive, avoiding embarrassment, it is really a very thoughtful design.

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Post time: Jul-15-2022