How to choose adult diapers

The world of diapers is full of all kinds of exquisite.

There are so many choices of diapers, but I still don’t know how to choose.

In response to the daily problems that everyone encounters, we have compiled Q&A tips to help you take better care of the elderly.

1. Can’t tell the difference between diapers and pull-up pants

Diapers – the official name is waist-mounted diapers, which are specially designed for bedridden personnel, and are used for long-term bedridden, surgery, and people with limited mobility;

Lala Pants – The official name is pants-type diapers, which are designed to imitate underwear and can be used by incontinent people who can walk independently or have the ability to put on and take off independently.

Due to the different absorption settings, general diapers are suitable for people with moderate to severe incontinence, while pull-up pants are suitable for people with mild to moderate incontinence.

2. Can diapers only be used by the elderly?

Of course not! In addition to the elderly who need to use diapers due to urinary incontinence due to illness or physical function degradation, some young and middle-aged people also have disabilities, inability to get out of bed after surgery, menstrual care, postpartum care, and temporary inability to go to the toilet (long-distance drivers, medical staff, etc.). ), will choose to use adult diapers.

3. When the elderly at home choose the model of diapers, is it better or just right?

It is best to measure the hip circumference of the elderly first, and choose the appropriate model according to the size chart. Generally speaking, the size is just right for higher comfort, of course, the right size can also effectively prevent side leakage and rear leakage.

4. Can diapers be shared by men and women?

Can. General diapers are unisex. Of course, some brands will have men’s and women’s models. You can choose clearly.

5. The elderly at home will leak every time they wear diapers, and they have to change the sheets frequently, which is too troublesome.

This question actually depends on how you choose diapers. The main criteria are as follows to ensure that the right diapers will not suffer.

①Choose products from well-known manufacturers and brands with good reputation and buy them from regular channels.

②Adult diapers are divided into mild incontinence diapers, moderate incontinence diapers and severe incontinence diapers according to the degree of incontinence of the user. Therefore, for different incontinence degrees, the absorption capacity of diapers is different. In addition, the absorption capacity of waist-mounted diapers is generally greater than that of diapers. For pants-type diapers, the absorption capacity of night-use diapers is greater than that of daily-use products, and the size of the absorption capacity of each manufacturer’s products is different. Keep these points in mind when choosing, and see clearly to choose the right product.

③ When purchasing, choose the appropriate size according to the user’s weight and hip circumference. Each manufacturer’s product size definition will be different. You can refer to the number marked on the outside of the package for selection.

④ In addition to paying attention to the product’s ability to absorb water and lock water, whether it is leak-proof, air permeability and other indicators, you can also check whether it has additional functions, such as deodorization, antibacterial, skin-friendly, etc.

⑤ Check the expiration date of diapers when purchasing. It is not advisable to buy too many diapers at one time or store them for too long. Even if they are not opened, there is a risk of deterioration and contamination.

Post time: Apr-27-2022