What are medical grade diapers

Medical-grade diapers mean that the production environment, raw materials, and testing standards are more stringent than ordinary national standard diapers. It is the hygiene and safety of the product that meets the medical care and standards. In short, it is higher than the national standard.

In terms of quality standards, in terms of slippage, rewet and other indicators, the medical grade has been greatly improved compared with the national standards, and four new absorption performance indicators have been added to better highlight the absorption performance of diapers.


There are no requirements for ordinary grade diapers, but several items are added to the medical grade. Compared with the national standard, the total number of bacterial colonies is strictly 5 times, and the total number of fungal colonies is not allowed to be detected, which doubles the number of pathogenic bacteria. test items.

Compared with the national standard, in terms of performance indicators, 3 indicators have been greatly improved, and 4 new absorption performance indicators have been added, which further highlights the application performance of diapers. From the perspective of safety indicators, 17 safety indicators have been added, including heavy metal content, plasticizer content, formaldehyde and migratory fluorescent whitening agents.

Post time: Jul-15-2022