Nursing home special diapers

Nursing home special diapers

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Now a lot of the old man began to live in a nursing home, the nursing home is becoming more and more professional, now for the elderly, urine is the most inconvenient things, for this situation, now have begun to use the old man nursing home diapers, specifically for incontinence old people solve problems, the use of diapers is not only convenient for the old man, also convenient for nursing home, It became a hot seller.

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Diapers are diapers, and the elderly belong to adults, so they are adult diapers. Adult diapers are required to be easy to put on and take off, comfortable for long-term wear, and breathable, otherwise they will be stuffy and prone to skin problems. Also requires no leakage. Better diapers also block odors from spilling out. Therefore, for the elderly with limited mobility, it is still very suitable to wear diapers. If you wear lala pants, it is relatively troublesome to take off. Lala pants can be taken off like pants, unlike diapers. It can be taken out directly from the crotch. If you are an elderly person who is bedridden for a long time, you can choose a diaper and a changing pad. In this way, double insurance is also cleaner and safer for the elderly themselves. For the elderly with mobility, it is also possible to wear pull-up pants. In fact, diapers can also be worn for walking. Many young people, such as drivers in long-distance traffic jams, are wearing diapers.

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