Pet urinal pad with high quality materials

Pet urinal pad with high quality materials

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Pet urinal pad, is a kind of absorbent material, mainly made of cotton pulp and polymer absorbent, used to absorb pet excreta, water absorption rate can reach dozens of times of its own volume, water absorption can expand into jelly, no leakage, not stick to the hand. Special embossing on the surface of the diaper quickly drains the liquid away. Contains advanced antibacterial agent, can deodorize and eliminate odor for a long time.

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Materials have cotton paper pulp, antibacterial factor, polystyrene, ultra-thin, strong water absorption pet diapers, deodorant factor, and made of cotton paper pulp, urine is not diffused, effectively eliminate odor.

Pet urine pad is suitable for the excretion pad of cats, dogs, rabbits and other family pets. It can be placed in the pet nest, room, or suitable places indoors and outdoors, making the living environment of pets dry and clean, saving the owner a lot of precious time to deal with pet excrement every day, and improving the quality of life. Lay it on the floor for daily use, under the cage, or when the bitch is giving birth. If you take your dog out, use it in a pet crate, car or hotel room. The owner only needs to guide your pet to arrive at this product before defecating, it will understand the meaning of the owner more quickly, and defecate on the designated product, one piece a day, so continuous training for 7-10 days, can help your pet to develop good habits, even if the replacement of ordinary urinal pad will also be fixed defecation.

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