Special diapers for the elderly

Special diapers for the elderly

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For the elderly who cannot take care of themselves, are paralyzed, and are bedridden for a long time, diapers are the most important product in nursing care.Adult diapers are disposable paper-based urinary incontinence products, one of the adult care products, and are mainly suitable for disposable diapers used by adults with incontinence. Most products are purchased in sheet form and shorts-shaped when worn. Use adhesive sheets to form a pair of shorts. At the same time, the adhesive sheet can adjust the size of the waistband to suit different fat and thin body shapes.

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What should the elderly pay attention to when using diapers?

1. Pay attention to comfort & tightness

We must pay attention to comfort when choosing diapers for the elderly. Some elderly people are sick in bed, unable to speak, and there is no way to tell the feeling of using diapers. The skin in the private parts is very delicate, so be sure to choose comfortable and soft diapers. Please pay attention to the tightness of diapers, so that others can change them at any time.

2. Water absorption and breathability

Diapers must be able to absorb water, otherwise, after the elderly become incontinent, there is no way to detect them in time, resulting in urine extravasation, which not only contacts the skin, but also easily seeps out. Breathability is more important. If it is not breathable, it is easy to produce a feeling of stuffiness and dampness, and the skin cannot breathe. In the long run, it will cause other diseases of the body.

3. Pay attention to frequent replacement

Some people think that the elderly are incontinent, and it is not worth changing a diaper. In this case, the elderly will feel uncomfortable when they stick to things, and they will also have other physical diseases. We'd better change diapers every 3 hours, or 1-2 times.

4. Clean the skin of the elderly

After the elderly become incontinent, they should pay attention to cleaning. Disposable wipes or a clean damp towel can be wiped gently. If you have rashes or other skin problems, remember to ask your doctor and apply related medicines. Some elderly people suffer from bedsores due to improper nursing methods.

5. The difference from lala pants

When many family members choose diapers for the elderly, they always find that the products they buy do not match the physical condition of the elderly, so they should check whether they have bought the wrong product. Lala pants are similar to underwear. Unlike diapers, lala pants can be changed by the elderly. If the old man is paralyzed by the window, the family must buy diapers, which are also convenient to wear.

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