Pregnant women special diapers

Pregnant women special diapers

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It is necessary for mothers to prepare diapers, because there will be a lot of lochia discharge after giving birth, especially in the days of hospitalization, the doctor will also press the stomach to help the uterus contract. It is also very convenient to wear, you can sleep well at night, and it is not easy to get the sheets dirty, so it is better to prepare.

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Maternity diapers are shaped like a baby's diapers or pull-up pants, and are about the size of an adult woman's panties. And there is a tearable design on both sides, which is convenient for pregnant women to replace. The most important requirement for maternal diapers is to have a large amount of suction. In about a week after giving birth, the amount of lochia every day is very large. In order to ensure that she can rest better, it is no longer because of frequent up and down stairs. Going to the toilet affects the recovery of the wound. At the same time, it also needs to have the function of preventing side leakage. Furthermore, maternity diapers must be comfortable. Because women who have just given birth may have side cuts, the wound is very painful. If the material of the diaper is not good, it will cause the wound to fester, which is not good for the final stitch removal. In addition, the design of the waist must be adjustable and have strong elasticity, so as to meet the needs of mothers of different body shapes and different needs. At the same time, diapers should have better air permeability, and the material should be soft and skin-friendly, so that urine or lochia can be absorbed instantly, so that the mother's vagina will not be infected.

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