Chicken Breast No Additive

Chicken Breast No Additive

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Chicken breast is rich in high protein and is a low-fat food, and chicken is supplemented with calcium, hair, and trace elements. It is an excellent choice for pet growth.

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Snacks are made from fresh ingredients. The best quality and careful production,

Absolutely handmade, absolutely 100% meat content,

Absolutely do not add any pigments, flavors, preservatives, food attractants and other things that endanger pets' health!

Benefits of eating chicken breast for pets:

1. Chicken breast contains vitamin C, vitamin E, etc. It has high protein content, many types, and high digestibility, so it is easy to be absorbed and utilized.

2. Chicken breast is a high-protein, low-fat food. It is a good weight-control food for overweight dogs.

3. The nutrients contained in chicken breast can improve the dog's hair and make the hair grow faster.

4. Chicken breast can also help the dog to enhance calcium absorption, which is helpful for the dog's bone growth.

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