Duck Meat No Additive

Duck Meat No Additive

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Duck meat is higher in fat than chicken and can provide a better source of calories for cats. Duck meat is rich in thiamine (vitamin b1) and riboflavin (vitamin b2), both of which are vitamins that cats cannot synthesize themselves. It is water-soluble, and it is often excreted in the stomach before it can be absorbed, so it can be supplemented regularly and appropriately.

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Duck meat is rich in protein, which is easy for cats to digest and absorb after eating.

The vitamin B and vitamin E contained in duck meat are also higher than other meats, which can effectively resist skin diseases and inflammation in cats.

Especially in summer, if the cat has a bad appetite, you can make duck rice for it, which has the effect of fighting fire and is more conducive to the cat's eating.

Often feeding cats duck meat can also make the cat's hair thicker and smoother.

The fat content in duck meat is also relatively moderate, so you don't have to worry about feeding your cat too much and gaining weight.

So on the whole, feeding duck meat to cats is a good choice.

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